Do you think that non-citizens should be voting in California? Did you know that the California Constitution requires that only citizens of the United States who reside in California are allowed to vote?

This week, Mark Meuser was on Fox Business to discuss the California Secretary of State agreeing to automatically register everyone to vote who obtains a drivers license. Previously, if you wanted to register to vote when you were at the DMV, you had to fill out a form in which you stated under penalty of perjury that you are a United State Citizen. Now, this second form has been eliminated and you are registered to vote when you obtain your driver’s license.

The problem in California is that you do not have to show proof of citizenship in order to obtain a drivers license. The Secretary of State has failed to assure California voters that proper procedures are in place to to prevent non-citizens from appearing on the registration rolls.

Please vote for Meuser for Secretary of State if you want a Chief Election Officer who puts the rule of law before making voter registration so easy a non-citizen can vote illegally. Vote for Meuser if you think your government officials should be more concerned about putting citizens needs before non-citizens demands.