Today I am pleased to announce that I am running to be California’s next Secretary of State.

A few months ago, I heard a news story that there are currently 11 counties in the state that have over 100% voter registration. I learned that it is the Secretary of State’s job to enforce all election laws in this state. As I studied the issue, I realized that the current Secretary of State has failed to enforce the basic election law requiring the removal from the voter rolls those who have died and moved. I ended up writing an opinion article about California’s voter registration problem.

If the Secretary of State has failed to enforce such a simple election law, what other election laws has he not enforced? Just how secure is our vote here in California?

As I studied the California Secretary of State, I discovered that an independent research center has ranked California elections as the second worst in this nation. When I was growing up, I heard how great this state was. When I was growing up, I was taught that California was a great innovator. When I was growing up, I believed that California was the greatest state in the greatest country in the world. It saddens me to see how far this state has fallen during my lifetime.

As I talked with key advisors about entering the race for Secretary of State, there was another topic that kept coming up — the Secretary of State is doing a terrible job in helping businesses to register in this state. Yes, the big corporations do not have a problem paying expensive lawyers to quickly usher their paperwork through the complex system. It is small businesses that have suffered from the long delays and complex systems. Filing paperwork with the Secretary of State is a nightmare and it should not be.

Many people have asked me is there any hope for a Republican to win statewide in California? In 2014, Pete Peterson who ran a great campaign on a shoestring budget ended up running a very competitive race against the current Secretary of State. In 2016, both Washington and Oregon elected a Republican Secretary of State. I believe that Californians are tired of a government who continues to oppress them and fails in its duties to protect and serve its citizens in the most basic matters.

The counting of your vote should not be a partisan issue. The current Secretary of State has done just that. Both conservative and liberal groups have brought or will be bringing lawsuits against the state of California for failing to properly protect the ballot. As these issues move through the courts, California voters will learn how their vote is being politicized and this campaign will be there to educate them that they have another option than voting for the incumbent.

I am reminded that during World War 1 and World War 2, this nation sold War Bonds so that those who were at home could help provide the bullets for the men who had gone overseas to fight for freedom. Likewise, I am stepping up to fight for your right to have a fair and honest election in this state. I cannot do this alone. I need your help. I would appreciate it if you would consider making a donation today. Your donation today will help us get this campaign off to a great start. As this campaign grows, your voice will be magnified across the state as we educate California voters that they have an option for better government — they do not have to keep voting for the same crooked politicians and hope that they get a different result.

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