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R – Reduce Unnecessary Regulations

E – Education

S – Stop Special Interest Spending

T – Taxes

O – Opportunity

R – Reform Public Pensions

I – Invigorate Personal Initiative

N – Novel Ideas

G – Government Accountability

C – California’s Dream

A – Actions Not Words

G – Get Out and Vote

R – Religion

E – Effective Solutions

A – Aggressively Investigate

T – Type of Government

N – Navigating California

E – Economy

S – Sanity in Sacramento

S – Strong Policies

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Jobs & Economy

  • In order to put California back to work and truly revitalize our economy for long-term sustainability, we must eliminate excessive burdens on California’s businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • As a local business owner and entrepreneur from the East Bay, Meuser truly understands the importance of California’s strong free enterprise system and its effects on the economy.
  • Meuser knows first-hand that Sacramento must get out of the way of California’s employers and let them do what they do best – create jobs, grow and further economic growth.
  • Sacramento must focus on limiting taxes, reducing debt and minimizing regulation to strengthen the economy and create jobs.


  • I believe the people of Eastern Contra Costa and Alameda counties do not want to see any more tax increases (or fee increases), and they want Sacramento to stop wasteful spending. I will fight for these priorities.
  • There are many in Sacramento who believe that we must tax our way to a better government. I disagree. We cannot tax our way to prosperity, and we cannot continue to place heavy burdens on hardworking Californians without consequences.
  • Sacramento does not have a revenue problem – it has a spending problem. Unfortunately, many in Sacramento do not share this viewpoint. With an economic downturn, job losses, high gas prices, increased food prices and government spending at an all time high, the last thing taxpayers need is higher taxes.
  • We need to keep taxes low so our small businesses can invest and create new jobs and so California taxpayers can keep more of their hard-earned money. We must improve the system to ensure that it is easy to understand and fair across the board.

Government Accountability

  • For too long, unchecked spending in Sacramento has crippled California’s financial security and hindered economic expansion. It is time to make sure Sacramento starts showing spending restraint, and leading by example.
  • In 1985, California was the world’s 5th largest economy. Today, California has fallen to 9th place and may soon be overtaken by India.
  • California has not had an AAA credit rating since the early 1990s.
  • I believe that many of our government employees throughout California already know the solutions that can be quickly implemented in their departments to reduce wasteful spending. If elected as your State Senator, I will work on legislation that will encourage these solutions.
  • By holding our government accountable, we can once again restore California’s greatness in our nation and the world.


  • A strong education for our youth is the key to a vibrant economy; and California’s economic future depends on its ability to train a high-wage high-tech workforce that can compete nationally as well as globally.
  • I believe we must work to empower parents and teachers to build a world-class education process that will increase our competitiveness on the world stage.
  • It is time for innovative policies to reduce redundant bureaucracy that are preventing our education dollars from reaching the classrooms.
  • We must commit to building an education system that not only works for today’s problems but focuses on California’s long term competitiveness.


  • Our unfunded pension liabilities are creating a budget crisis for our cities, our counties, and our local government. These pension liabilities are forcing our communities to cut services that are necessary for our safety, our productivity, and our way of life.
  • Our pension problem has arisen because we are forcing future generations to pay for unfunded retirement benefits for today’s employees.