About Me

Mark Meuser is a native Californian and a small business owner, committed to serving you with honor and integrity.

From a young age, Mark was an entrepreneur.  At age 12, he would pick cherries in the morning and then have a street side stand that he would operate in the afternoon. He was also hard at work taking care of orphaned animals, bottle-feeding sheep, pigs, and cows.  Mark believes that these years of developing character through hard work were important, formative years in his life.

By age 15 he was in a management position at a local restaurant.  By age 21, he purchased his own pizza restaurant.

While his restaurant business was thriving, Meuser began studying law. He graduated with honors from the Oak Brook College of Law.

After finishing law school, Meuser went to work for Senator John Loudon (MO) as his campaign manager and then as Loudon’s chief of staff. Senator Loudon was the chairman of the Small Business, Insurance & Industrial Relations committee. Meuser applied his experience and education to help further legislation that would assist small businesses.

To better help small businesses owners, he opened The Meuser Law Group. Meuser operates a diverse civil litigation firm that represents both individuals and small businesses.

Meuser’s unique training has taught him how to listen to people, formulate creative alternatives, and achieve workable solutions to real problems. Meuser promises to bring an innovative work ethic to Sacramento by offering a fresh perspective to the systemic problems of special interest legislation.

Meuser’s priority is to insure that your future, your children’s future, and California’s future is bright. The spirit of entrepreneurs in California is as strong today as it was during the gold rush.  It needs an advocate in Sacramento, and Meuser wants to be that advocate.  Ensuring that our communities stay strong—and grow stronger—requires a long-term vision for future generations, and Meuser has that vision.  It is time to elect a representative to Sacramento who will fight for the citizens of Contra Costa and Alameda counties.


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