Questions the Moderator could ask DeSaulnier during the DeSaulnier/Meuser Debate.

Questions the Moderator could ask DeSaulnier during the DeSaulnier/Meuser Debate.

This Tuesday, DeSaulnier and I will debate the issues that are important to the 7th senatorial district. Here are some questions that the moderator should consider asking Mr. DeSaulnier about his voting record:

1. How can the people of California trust you to reform public pensions when you raised public pension benefits to unsustainable levels in Contra Costa County while serving as its county supervisor?

2. How do you explain that according to the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association you have the worst voting record of raising Californian’s taxes?

3. How do you explain, according to the California Chamber of Commerce, that you have the second worst voting record on business issues in this state, including numerous votes that are specified as job killing votes?

4. Why did you decide to drive up California’s budget deficit by voting to create wasteful and unnecessary boards and commissions like the California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority?

5. What have you done to reverse your self-admitted “mistake” of making it harder for cities to declare bankruptcy?

The DeSaulnier/Meuser debate will be held at Scott’s in Walnut Creek, 1333 N. California Blvd. Debate starts at 7:00 am and will be over at 8:30 am. Cost for this event will be $15 and will include a buffet breakfast.

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  • What will you do to help the middle working class who are having a hard time getting through life day by day? Would you lower the taxes on the middle working class ?
    What would you do to help crate jobs?

  • Miguel, Good questions. The taxes on middle class working Californians and upon California small business owners are too high and they need to be reduced. You worked for your money. In order to create jobs in California, we need to reduce the unnecessary regulations that are being put upon our business. Big businesses can hire their accountants and lawyers and work around all the regulations, but small businesses have a hard time competing. By lowering taxes and eliminating unnecessary regulations, we will free up our businesses to compete and thus they will be able to hire more workers.

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