A Little Left of Center?

A Little Left of Center?

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck; it is a duck. In the same way, if a politician votes like a liberal, regulates like a liberal, taxes like a liberal, and spends like a liberal; he is a liberal.

On numerous occasions, DeSaulnier has referred to himself as “a little left of center.” He has also made references to the fact that he used to own a restaurant in Concord and that he also was a Republican before he became a Democrat.

However, DeSaulnier’s true colors are revealed when it comes to the willingness to tax and spend; he can spend California’s taxes with the best of them. In fact, according to leading tax payer groups, when it comes to bills that raise your taxes or fees that you must pay, DeSaulnier votes over 90% of the time to increase taxes and fees on Californians. There does not seem to be many taxes or fees that he does not like. This is hardly “a little left of center.”

DeSaulnier claims he likes smaller government, but his voting record does not support this assertion. Instead, he is constantly voting for new commissions, new regulatory agencies, and new boards. When problems of accountability arise in government, he recommends some new oversight committee or some new level of government.

Many cities and counties are being crushed under a load of unfunded public pension liabilities. In fact, when DeSaulnier, was a county supervisor, he voted to increase pension benefits on county employees even though he admits that he knew it would be difficult for the county to maintain this higher level of benefits. Now that he is a state senator and sees the problems that pensions are having on cities and counties, he has done very little to help the cities and counties. Instead, DeSaulnier supported legislation that made it harder for cities to file bankruptcy. It sounds to me like DeSaulnier wants to support the public unions who donated money to his campaign rather than the taxpayers who pay the bill.

Does DeSaulnier mention his past affiliation with the Republican Party to portray the image that he really is more moderate than liberal? Is this reference to the distant past a ploy to make him appear “moderate” rather than the liberal that his voting record reveals?

It is one thing to vote for liberal legislation; that is the elected senator’s prerogative. However, it is another thing to come home to the voters with the line that you are “a little left of center” when in reality you vote for liberal legislation. DeSaulnier should at least admit that he is a liberal rather than hide behind the inaccurate phrase, “a little left of center.”

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