Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Endorses Meuser

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Endorses Meuser

Last week, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Political Action Committee endorsed Meuser for the California Senate. They stated, “We believe you will be an excellent representative for taxpayers and look forward to working with you in the years ahead.” Meuser is honored to have received this endorsement. Meuser stated, “It is time for the citizens of Contra Costa and Alameda counties have a representative who will fight for the taxpayer.”

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is dedicated to protecting Proposition 13 and promoting taxpayers’ rights. The Association creates a Legislative Report Card each year to assist voters in understanding how their elected officials vote on tax increases that are often masqueraded as fees.

DeSaulnier has represented the citizens of this area for the last six years in both houses of the state legislature. DeSaulnier has received an F rating every year he has served in the legislature. If you compare his report cards alongside each of the current state senators, you will quickly discover that DeSaulnier has the worst voting record on taxpayer issues of any current Senator in Sacramento. Howard Jarvis’ Legislative Report Cards on DeSaulnier are as follows:
2007 – 3.4%
2008 – 12.3%
2009 – 0%
2010 – 15.2%
2011 – 14.9%
2012 – Not yet released
Average grade 9.16% (This means that DeSaulnier votes against the taxpayers 91.84% of the time).

After seeing DeSaulnier’s voting record, Meuser replied “This year the choice is real clear for the citizens of Contra Costa and Alameda County. Do they want a representative who works for the taxpayers or do they want someone who works against the taxpayers?”

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