Where are the young people?

Where are the young people?

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to walk some of the neighborhoods in the 7th senatorial district. It was a lot of fun knocking on doors introducing myself and encouraging people to get out and vote on June 5th. However, it did not take very long to see something that was a little surprising. The list of doors that we were walking today contained republicans who are most likely to vote in the primary election. As I looked at the list, 90% of my list was people who were over 55 years young. Those over 55 years do not make up 90% of the population. As I traveled around to various republican clubs, I have seen a lot of older individuals. I half-way assumed that us young people were just too busy to be going to such meetings and that is one reason why I did not see many 20 – 40 at events. Hey, I have been there, I have skipped going to clubs because of how busy life was at work. Nonetheless, I would vote. Today it was scary to see just how few of my generation are taking the time to even show up in primary elections.

It is time for all Californians and all Americans to wake up. We have been given a Republic but it is our duty to keep it. We will lose this Republic if we do not take the time to educate ourselves and get out and vote. It is time for my generation to wake up. Right now, both California and the United States are going deeper and deeper into debt. This is a debt that will come due in my lifetime. Have you ever been in a country where there is double digit inflation going on in the course of a single week? I have, and it is not pretty. If you want to pay the debt of your parents and your grandparents, then go ahead and leave your head in the ground and don’t pay attention to what is going on around you. I have chosen not to keep my head in the sand, I have chosen to make a difference. What choice have you made?

Your vote does matter. Our Founding Fathers sacrificed their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor so that we would not face a tyrannic government. This is a message to my generation. It is time that we start paying attention to what is going on in our government. It is time to realize that our government does not always have our best interest in mind. Why should our government have our best interest in mind, we are not showing up to vote. Elected leaders pay attention to who is showing up to the polls.

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