Monte Vista High School Young Republicans

Monte Vista High School Young Republicans

Today I spoke at the Monta Vista High School Young Republicans. There was a room of over 20 of our future leaders. I had the opportunity to speak with this group about the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia and the major impact of James Madison.

I wish all of our High Schools had young republican clubs like this group in Danville California. They should be an inspiration to all of us that they are willing to make a difference to their country today even though they are not yet eligible to vote. Make sure you show your support by visiting them on facebook at

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  • Nima says

    Probably just a bunch of kids who never really educated themselves, only listening to their parents talk about politics. It’s a shame because they’ve never had a chance to make their own informed decision. Instead, they’ve been told a biased side of the story without hearing the full representation of the full debate.

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