Frederick Douglass Foundation Endorsement

Frederick Douglass Foundation Endorsement

I would like to thank you for your time and diligence in seeking to earn the endorsement of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California; it was an honor and privilege to serve you!

The Frederick Douglass Foundation has taken into consideration your candid thoughts, ideas and perspectives on the things that are most meaningful to us (personally), and to the lives of all Americans (in general), and came to a unanimous decision about your candidacy and our respective endorsement. You should know, our decision is based on a number of factors, but we were especially gratified by how well you comported yourself while answering questions as a person possessing wisdom, integrity and strength. Needless to say, these are much needed (actually vital) attributes for our Ca. State Senate!

We are proud to say, you have earned the right (and respect) to be honored as a candidate fully endorsed Frederick Douglass Foundation of California… CONGRATULATIONS!

We look forward to doing ALL WE CAN to help you succeed in your quest to be our next Ca. State Senator! Please feel free to use the enclosed logo for your website and literature as confirmation of your well-deserved endorsement.

We look forward to working with you (as you become a Calif. State Senator) to make sure a Constitutional government and JUSTICE is indeed preserved for future generations….

Kevin McGary, President

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