Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Today I attended the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for Contra Costa County business mixer. During the event, I ran into my opponent’s district director. It was interesting to be at a networking meeting where you are supposed to be promoting what you are doing.

The conversation I wanted to have with my opponent’s district director would have gone like this … “Hello, I am Mark Meuser and I am running to be your next State Senator. I am running so that I can fight for our businesses and to cut the red tape so that our businesses can restore our economy with new private sector jobs. If I do my job right as your representative, you will not have to look too long to find a new job in November. Would you make a donation of $20.12 today to help me replace your boss and require you to go look for a new job.” Alas, I simply said hello and moved onto talk with individuals who are more likely to vote for me. No need wasting my time having needless conversations.

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was very well attended and I look forward to attending future events with these individuals who are striving to restore our communities with thriving businesses.

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